What is Easter Island?

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 | 0 comments

View from Ahu Tongariki

View from Ahu Tongariki at Easter Island

Easter Island or RAPA NUI (big Rapa, Rapa is the name of another island) is the name given to a Polynesian island located in front of the coasts of Chile, specifically of the coasts of Valparaiso Harbor. It was discovered by Jacob Roggeveenon on the Easter Sunday of 1722, therefore, its name. It is famous world wide, specially for its ancient and misterious statues known as MOAI.

The island is one of the most beautiful, misterious and magical places in the world, a place where you can relax, practice outdoor activities like surfing, horse-riding, trekking and get in touch with an ancient civilization, or just enjoy the sunset and the sound of the waves. Each year is visited by thousand of people mostly from Chile, Europe and Asia.

Easter Island is a safe and quite place and can be visited during the whole year giving the nice weather. Most active months are December, January and February, summer time on this part of the globe. You can enjoy a lot of activities under the calm Pacific sun.

If you want to visit Easter Island you can schedule a flight from Santiago, Chile, via LAN airlines.