Rapa Nui with LOVE

Posted on Mar 11, 2016 |

Rapa Nui with LOVE

With the certainty that the Easter Island City Hall must have a Vision to face the next 20 years, a vision where the kids who are about to start the academic year this March, when they graduate high school they do it with a clear notion of their way to follow. The Major, Pedro Edmunds Paoa, started his work to accomplish his town theme: Rapa Nui with Love.

Rapa Nui Major, Pedro Edmonds Paoa

This request was demanded as the result of a meeting where representatives from the different communities participated, and where the word love came out, giving sense to the vision of the town of rapa nui:

Easter Island, patrimonial leader of humanity, works day after day for the SELF-SUSTAINING groth of its community by creating projects based on continuous improvements and innovation to the service of the citizens, OPTIMIZING resources with efficiency, solidarity, transparency and with workers who are commited to their job and who identify themselves with their instituion, their city and above all with the RESPONSIBILITY to take Rapa Nui to a future of total integration, economical growth and social equity.

Credits (Information and Photo): City Hall of Rapa Nui Web Site