Moai Statues

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 |

Moai Statues

Moais at Ahu Akivi

One of the greatest misteries of the world, the Moai statues, are present around the whole island, being part of the “Ahus” or laying out on the “moai factory”: Rano Raraku Volcano. They were carved on stone, directly on Rano Raraku. You can see lots of them, unfinished, still on the stone wall. They represent the ancient chiefs and almost all of them are standing looking to the sea shore, except the ones located at Ahu Akivi that stand looking towards the island.

Some of the Moais have some kind of “hat” over their head, but it is said it’s not a hat, but the hair. This hair pieces were made of a red stone that is found at Puna Pau.

There are lots of theories about how these statues, some of them of hundreds of tons of weight were transported to their actual location. Specially considering not only the weight but the distances.

Great pictures can be taken at sunset on Hanga Roa, or by dawn if you’re decided enough to get to Ahu Tongariki.

As a comment, you can not carved, paint or damage in any way any of the Moai statues as it is considered a crime. Also, do not climb on them, hang of them or step on them.